Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Chair Review

Finding decent Zero-Gravity massage chair can be quite a task.

You have to consider your own personal preferences,  health needs, your living space supply, in addition to your financial quota.

However, when the next isn’t lots of an issue, chances are you possess adequate living space for just about any good quality product which handles the even trickiest medical problems.

The three dimensional contra–gravity massage chairs are the best out there, but you can find numerous companies to select from. Each company has their own personal top rated versions. How can we choose?

The answer’s definitely very easy. You allow past clients support. On the list of top rated brand names so far is Osaki. As well as the leading type of 2014 was the Osaki OS-4000.

But just how come quite popular?

Persuasive Possibilities that include the Osaki Operating-system-4000 Massage Chair

Like many a few dimensional best product massagers, the Osaki Operating system – 4000 gives a zero gravity reclining mode. This is the position prominent by NASA astronauts. Your system is lying down to the stage wherein the ft happen to be in the exact same levels because the cardiovascular system.

It generates a sense of weightlessness which decreases physical tension been through through your system. Simply because this tension is unveiled, fresh air ingestion enhances, bodily processes adjust as needed, and all round curing happens.

Airbags are necessary on the top quality massage chair. However, there’s been lots of frustration concerning the quantity of oxygen bags are very found in this design.

Some balances issue 25. Significant internet sites like Amazon . com . com state there are actually 32 airbags. Equally balances are way away from bottom.

According the Osaki customer service, the Osaki OS – 4000 massage chair contains 48 oxygen bags: 14 inside the feet compartment, 10 for the calves/thighs, 6 in the couch, 6 inside the stylish location, 8 for the biceps and triceps, 2 throughout the shoulder blades area, along with the other 2 for this neck or brain.

The quantity and placement of safety bags is a vital consideration when choosing the proper chair because the safety bags simulate a individuals motions of skilled professional massage practitioners.

Regardless if finances aren’t an issue, by gathering best stop equipment like a about three dimensional massage chair, you anticipate outcomes about the skilled level… or at greatest be as in close proximity to to expert treatment as possible.

The Osaki Operating-system – 4000 does not dissatisfy. With the safety bags, it includes 30-inch curler stroke which stretches within the neck area lower for the rear. This is when much of your body anxiety probably will dwell.

And that is exactly where by greatest massage providers invest virtually all their time. The curler performs together with the baggage to release men and women knots you’ve got for many years, along with correct any completely new ones that could have made the decision to see.

Massage Together with your Osaki Operating-system – 4000

Six massage types enable you to blend before you identify the ideal massage for every portion of the entire body. Pick betweet shiatsu, Swedish, clapping, massaging, transferring, and combination options.

5 pace configurations and five power designs can take full advantage of any massage, regardless if you pick out a 5 min quickie to whole half hour manual treatment, or pick a common 20 min auto treatment. The shake office chair massage solution is great for taking advantage of essential circulatory system moving the rump.

That is specifically useful for those who reside a comparatively sendentary lifestyle, regardless of selection or necessity. If your rear demands serious attention, choose the again heating unit alternative.

The warmth relaxes tight muscle tissues more and makes it possible for more advantages to be achieved by no matter which massage you pick out. A simple-to-use remote control means that you can definitely make or improve your program alternatives in the contact of your computer mouse.

Entire body scan technological innovation can be a well-liked massage feature between Osaki followers. Everybody is manufactured in different ways, in addition to a excellent problem while searching for this kind of equipment is the distinct entire body will for some reason unfit appropriately or simply be tended to appropriately. It is far from an problem while using Operating system – 4000.

The office chair tests the entire body and instantaneously alterations environmental surroundings hand bags and painting rollers to suit your distinct requires. If another person employs the couch as soon as you, it might adapt for them as well… and so forth, and so forth. This isn’t your typical recliner.

Uncertain about which massage you actually require? Never be. Osaki’s S-Path Intelligent Massage Robot works as well as the entire body scan technological innovation to stay inside your certain body demands.

The massage robot requires the data provided by your whole body scan and produces a distinct massage based on your own body’s tension readouts. Meaning if you are transporting a lot more pressure all around shoulder blades, it concentrates there. When your edges are restricted or possibly your rear is going to enter in spasm setting, it produces men and women places.

All you should do is lie back again and allow the miraculous happen. And whenever something’s too powerful or doesn’t feel really appropriate, just adapt the designs round the wireless remote control until finally you are pleased with the force.

Osaki Operating system – 4000 Versus Osaki OS – three dimensional Skilled Dreamer

The Expert Dreamer prospects those for your Expert Series choices. But just how carry out the Professional Dreamer and 4000 differ? To start with, they’re the two awesome chairs and you simply can’t fall short with every one particular. Though the Expert Dreamer supplies considerable extra features. But it should given that it is fundamentally the Cadillac massage chair edition for Osaki.

The Skilled Dreamer contains 65 atmosphere hand bags and 13 engines instead of 48 and 11 for your 4000. Toes fresh paint rollers are an extra benefit throughout the PD as well. Folks help people who stand up on their own feet all day long or demand a strong single massage. Rather than 5 speed and power styles, the Skilled Dreamer delivers 10 every single.

Whilst the fill ease of the 4000 is 250, the Skilled Dreamer enables up to 265 pound person usage bodyweight.

However it is not when the variations complete. The Professional Dreamer is definitely the leading a few dimensional choice for songs fanatics. This really is due to the Audio/wireless bluetooth musical option available all through massage mode.

Merely down load software to your cellular phone and add these to the chair’s personal computer. Two built in loudspeakers at thoughts degree permit you to encounter music treatment method as you may become the massage from the presence.

Chromotherapy can be a choice while using Specialist Dreamer. Because the area lights are decreased, two lighting fixtures along the aspect of your office chair give you a gleam gleam which helps in excessive pleasure.

Nonetheless, despite having the options, among the finest evaluations is cost. No top quality about three dimensional massage chair could be viewed as reasonably priced. They are deluxe purchases, without a doubt regarding this. Nonetheless, the Operating-system – 4000 is considered the most reasonably detailed versions inside the course. The Skilled Dreamer can easily expense 2 to 3 events those of the 4000.


If you are interested in a high top quality product which contains enough features to remain in league with models far more high priced, the Operating-system – 4000 justifies your interest.

Being an Osaki, it’s among the best guarantees on the market at 36 months of protection irrespective of what goes on in it. Ever since the previous factor you have to have can be a stunning and pricey equipment that will not work. This guarantee also covers commercial use.

Yes, the Operating system – 4000 can be utilized in running a business environment without having negating the guarantee. That is a tremendous added bonus itself for professionals along with their clients. But remedy these questions . pick in case the 4000 or her sibling, the Specialist Dreamer, suit your needs.

Nevertheless, each of them are reckoning factors.

As well as, since they are Osaki’s, you could count on years of natural satisfaction.