Best Massage Chair Reviews

massage chair backgroundOften during our days you become conscious of yourself and discover that your body is rigid as a result of being placed in comfortable or not so comfortable office chairs, driving car or any other awkward place. And in some cases when we actually busy throughout the day, during the night our muscle hurt and they are demanding a great attention.

Regrettably a fast pace of everyday life make it harder and harder to stumble upon a free time to pay a visit to a therapist . Thankfully, for the reason that massage chair market achieved incredible height in the area of therapeutic massage you are in the good hands.

More Expensive massage chairs provides you with entire body massage – in comparison to the actual palms of a excellent massage therapist. The best of all of this: you really don’t have to go to far, aactually you don’t have to go anywhere – it’scan be achived in the convenience of your house.

The standard cost for good high quality massage chairs is somewhere around $3,000 to $12,000.

The majority of contemporary chairs within this group possess this kind of characteristics such as: ZeroGravity Reclining (placement through which your whole body can feel no weight), entire body massage (which includes hip and arms and legs), auto recognition of the body structure and a stretching automatic programs.

But wait, how could you possibly select a excellent chair for your own use? This is when our information will help you.

We are going to evaluate and compare some of the top massage chairs in particular price bracket , which means you can find, which will meet your needs as well as your wallet.

Fujita Kn9003 Zero Fravity Chair

This model, actually are newest designed chair through Fujita, overall improvement over KN-7005 & KN-7005R models. The KN9003 comes with an brand new FootRoller Massager, that is positioned just under the bottoms of your foot.

The foot-rollers work together with the air-bag massage to supply you with concurrently started and rolling massage for your feet.

Fujita Kn9003 includes a contemporary look and feel, six service programs (entire body, nighttime, neck and shoulder, weight-less, a stretching program, hips swing), 13 power levels, three motors, and Forty six air-bags. In addition, it provides infra-red sensor system to find out exactly your spinal structure.

Chair’s spiine-rollers can easily get to tail-bone. Fujita Massge Chairs also has function of heating in 3 different points: knees, ankles and waist.

The majority of the latest types of highend massage chairs which includes Kn9003 have a stretching program, that assist to extend spinal column and legs. Alongside that Fujita offers pelvis turn application, which assists to relieve muscle in lower back and also to assist with lower back pain. Complete neck massage and head massage aimed right on acupressure areas.

Fujita Kn-9003 is really a great quality massage chair, that may have almost everything to get a very good massage in the comfort of your own home.

Yet, it doesn’t posses a music player or audio system – you feel that it is important to you, search for a different product.

Iyashi Infinity

Iyashi is fairly fresh new chair, that made an appearance in the marketplace around summer 2013. It’s got really futuristic look. It offers solid plastic covering with leather-based interior. It has SIX automated massage settings and 38 air-bags.

Yet another one on the kind feature on this chair – rollers that may go on a same level as gluts . Iyashi also offers such characteristics as hip twist. dual foot roller, lumbar heat.

Things to know about this particular chair – it’s a space-saver. Most chairs must have some spainge behind so that you can end up in Zero-gravity position. This chair shifts forward in the event it reclines and can be placed next to the wall surface.

Iyashi got an mp3 player ( you also can play music from a cellphone), which has objective of synchronization with the music. It is also possible to control chair with a smart-phone with Bluetooth . Download Andriod or Apple App for this to work.

Disadvantage to this model: it doesn’t possess a neck and head massage rollers.

Sogno Dreamwave Chair By Inada

Inada Sogno is extremely good massage chair and possesses nearly perfect reviews inAmazon, but the truth is that it’s already Four years on the marketplace and doesn’t features as many capabilities as newer models.

Apart from Zero-gravity technology and streching application, It offers neck massage, infra-red (with heat) overall body scan, chiropractic hip twist. Inada also offers 8 different automatic programs (that’s rather few), Thirteen motors and One Hunderd air-bags. Iit doesn’t include audio system, no foot-rollers (they provide much better massage than airbags), no bottom massage (which is the best in Iyashi by Infinity), no heat.

So, for the extra bucks you can purchase superior models.

Omega MontagePro Massage Chair

Omega MontagePro is a appealing chair. It offers 5 various therapeutic massage programs.


Characteristics, that differenciate it from some other chairs are: full-body heat together with personal settings for the back-rest, foot and seat rest, vibrations underneath the bottom, and magnetic field feet therapy.


Montage Pro even offers music player and loudspeakers, with music synced therapeutic massage program. However, it is not going to scan your whole body to adapt to your physics (it’s have only feet extension), zero head or neck massage, with no program for streching.

Titan TI 7900

As numerous other chairs Titan TI 7900 offers such capabilities as infra-red body scan, mp3 music player and stretching regime. In addition, it has respectable back and neck head massagers, which focuses on specific accupresure points inside your neck area. It features a wide selection of automated programs, variable level of the massage, and colour changing lighting.

What’s unique in regards to this chair it is really the only chair, that have an variable armrest, which may allow for broader or narrower physiques. And it also has finger pressing foot massager, that can be superior compared to just airbag massage, but in accordance with some reviews it is not as good as as double roller massage.

Disadvantage of this model is an lack of hip/ twist functionality, which found in many newest massage chair designs.

Osaki OS 3D Pro Dreamer

Newer chair from Osaki, OS 3D Pro Dreamer is yet another Zero-ravity chair, that creates full body massage with Eight preprogramed massages (Wake-up. Quick, Full-Air, Anti Stress, Muscle Relief, Recovery and Music-Sync).

OS-3D Pro Dreamer uses electronic sensors to determine shape of the body, for the best personalized massage (rollers may also shift back and front). In addition, it may aim for specific accupoints within your body, providing the most effective stress relieve.

Great options that come with this chair are roller foot massage, lower-back heat, program for streching, and music player and music synchronization program. Additionally, it provides 2 ZeroGravity positionings rather than just one.

Downsides would be the lack of the feature of hip twist , no gluts massage and there is no head massage

iRobotics 6-S Ultimate Massage Chair

iRobotics 6-S is the chair constructed in the USA. It has Six plans, one hundred and four air-bags and a robotic arm. It have function to be controlled from a smartphone through Bluetooth, same Iyashi by infinity massage chair. iRobotics has good quality speaker with mp3 player. Additionally, it offers head and neck massage, plus stretching program.

Distinctive function with this chair is human voice response in English language, Spanish, Japanese, and French. However, this function can’t overcome the missing features such as heat massage, hip twist and foot rollers.

The Ultimate Massage Chair

The Ultimate Chair has really modern look and feel, although it’s pretty heavy. It has FIVE automated programs and FOUR degrees of intensity. The great characteristics about this chair are foot rollers, hip twist function, eat pad, which can be put wherever you want, music therapy with synchronized massage, and back of the head massage.


In accordance with customers reviews – shoulder air-bags work great, but not for a short individual (can’t be lowered or adjusted). The massage strength is not equal for various body parts (anything over level two for arms is simply too hard, level FOUR(the highest) isn’t tough enough.

Nearly every chair, referred to previously offers a few unique features, which aren’t accessible in other products, therefore it is difficult to identify the very best one.

Iyashi (Infinity brand) could be named among the best massage chairs.

Beside being a excellent massage chair, it features a cool and contemporary style; it’s a fantastic option for a contemporary style living area. Along with a “wall-hanger” function can make it ideal for smaller places.

For many who desire a more classic feel and doesn’t worry about the lack of music functionality Fujita Kn9003 is the better option

And when music player, are as essential for you personally as a very good massage, Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer will be your best option.